From the moment Chef-partner Greg Marcuson began dreaming of Cure, he knew he wanted to focus on small, homegrown and local. From the food and drink to the décor, he and his partners have worked hard to make and keep this vision a reality every day.

They knew from day one that they wanted images of historic Unionville to drape the walls. Chef's fiancée, Ally Davis, scoured the Unionville Museum and had forty-something black and white photos enlarged and printed on canvas and wood. Beautiful, story-telling photography of local firefighters hang in the pub, the ladies room houses a jubilant photo of a group of Unionville ladies before heading out to a costume party(one of them ironically is Chef's own great-aunt!!), and the hall way is lined with some beautiful yet haunting images of Unionville during the flood of '55. 

 black and white images of historic Unionville decorate the interior of Cure.

black and white images of historic Unionville decorate the interior of Cure.

Cure's focus has been, since day one, on the community. We opened our doors on August 11th 2015, and since that day we have been doing our part to embed ourselves in the budding community of Unionville. We have established numerous positive working relationships with local businesses. We carry beer from fifteen local breweries, two local liquor companies, four local beverage companies, five local farms, and four local small businesses.

We have also, in just one year of being open, donated to and participated in many local charitable causes and events including(but not limited to); local school fundraisers,the Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA, scholarship foundations, Taste of the Nation's "No Kid Hungry", Relay for Life, Big Red for the Arts, and more.

To thank all of you who have continuously come in to not only support us, but all of these other local businesses and charitable causes, we are celebrating our one year anniversary on Saturday August 13th and Sunday the 14th with half price bacon flights and drink specials all weekend long! We will also be having live music on Saturday the 13th from 8:30-midnight by local musicians, The Sons. 

We have just been blown away by all of the love and support the Unionville and Farmington residents have shown us in this past year, and we look forward to many more years of success and partnership together. From all of us at Cure, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

photography: Jennifer Marcuson