Our Poutine made with house pistachio gravy, local farm cheese curds, and fried herbs!

Our Poutine made with house pistachio gravy, local farm cheese curds, and fried herbs!

We love a celebration here at Cure, especially when it involves fries, gravy, cheese and booze!! Right now, our northern neighbors in Québec are currently not only celebrating their annual Winter Carnaval Festival, (which has been named the largest winter festival in the world after over 1 million people attended it in 2006!!) but we recently learned that is also Poutine Week

Winter Carnaval this year is being celebrated from January 27th to February 12th, and includes lots of outdoor parties, food, sledding, ice castles and ice sculpture competitions. The famous carnaval drink Caribou is served as a shooter in ice cubes cold, or hot (which is how we prefer it!) This delicious hot wine and whiskey beverage dates back to colonial times when loggers and hunters used to make it from actual caribou blood and whiskey to stay warm while working during the cold months.. pretty intense! Click here for a great recipe to make this classic winter drink at home!

 photo:  pri.org

photo: pri.org

There is also 'le Bain de Neige' which is where people dress in bathing suits and play in the snow.. we're still not totally sure for what reason.. (there must be some Caribou involved in that!)

As many of us in Connecticut do, (Langevin, Lessard, Pelletier, Gengras, Belanger, Lefebvre, Poirier, Gagnon, Martel and so on...) some of us at Cure have family ties to the province and after the terrible event that occurred in Québec City last weekend, we wanted to send them some love in the only way we know how.. with our food!

So in honor of our crazy-awesome French Canadian neighbors and relatives, Winter Carnaval, and Poutine Week, we are offering our Poutine at 50% off all day today and tomorrow! So come on in for lunch, happy hour, dinner, brunch, or a late night snack and indulge in a Québec classic with us!

 photo: Jennifer Marcuson

photo: Jennifer Marcuson

And don't forget we also have our Beer Brunch with Black Hog Brewing on tomorrow from 11-2!! 

Easy Rye-da Micheladas
Coffee Milk Stout NITRO
THC Denali Pale Ale
& some Barrel Aged Granola Brown

ALL Black Hog drafts are $4 from 11 am - 2 pm!

And try out our BRAND NEW Winter Brunch items like the Lobster Roll Benedict or the Beef Short Rib Sweet Potato Hash! YUM!

We will be having a special Super Bowl menu available on Sunday after brunch (2-close; regular dinner menu won't be being served) including $5 drafts and $5 bites(wings, calamari and fries)!! We will also have our raw bar, mixed green salad, BLT's and burgers being served till close.

Happy weekend everyone, and we hope to see you soon!